In Gods Hands

Poetry By Sand

Extended down from heaven, two hands embrace the light
Hovering over a city, where there's tragedy and strife
Tenderly he touches, the face's stained with tears
Cradling his loved ones, holding them all near

On bended knee we raise our voices, as we gather in the light
So many lost and injured Lord, so many cry in fright
You said you'd never give us, more than we could bear
But now I need an answer Lord, why 6333 died here

Perhaps you were too busy and couldn't find the time
What's that you say, you heard each and every cry ?
You called out all the angels and they worked throughout the day
Guiding your injured children through smoke and fire to find the way

You were there beside the pilots and the passengers in flight
Busy with the terrorists, trying to make their hearts right
You were needed by the mother that held her toddler close
And the brave men on flight 93, each one of them hero's

Thank you Lord for saving, each one that walked away
Thank you for the strength that guided firefighters and police that day
Thank you for the wounded, the hero's and families
Thank you for the many things that we forget to see

Our flag still stands amid the rubble, fluttering in the breeze
Our Nation stands behind it, even as we grieve
We raise our voice in prayer, the pain deep in our souls
As long as we hold your hand Lord, we're going to win this war

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