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Philadelphia, November 1850


FATHER in Heaven! Oppressed with sacred awe,
We bow before Thee; yet since Thy dear Son
Thus bide us pray, through Him we humbly draw,
In trusting love, before a Father's Throne:
As seraphs honor Thee with tongues of flame,
Awakened be our tongues to hallow Thy great Name.


And as in Heaven, rejoicing in Thy Will,
Myriads of angels on Thy Glory wait,
Thy great behests obedient to fulfill,
So upon earth be known Thy royal state-
Thy Kingdom come, until of men there be,
From least to greatest, none save those who worship


Thy Will be done! When, stricken to the dust,
Affliction's cup we pray may pass us by,
Still let us wait in never-failing trust,
Sure that Thou hearest when we meekly cry-
In patience our appointed courses run,
Always content that Thy Almighty Will be done.


Break to us each this day our daily bread,
Nor let earth's fading good alone be given;
Feed us upon Thy Words in Christ our Head,
To find Thy Peace-the Living Bread from Heaven
Since in Thy Mercy only we can live,
Forgive us, Lord, our debts-oh, teach us to forgive!


Shield us, O Lord, from dark temptation's power.
And guide our footsteps, lest they, erring, stray;
Deliver us in the dark and evil hour,
And turn our night, O Father, into day.
Shelter us, in Thine All-protecting Arms,
From specious sin's attacks-from pleasure's gilded


Thine is the Kingdom, Father, Thine the Love;
Redeemer, Son, the Grace, the Power are Thine;
Thy Glory, Holy Spirit, from above,
Descending, binds a Fellowship Divine.
Creator, Saviour, Sanctifier, deign,
Three persons, and ONE GOD, in all our hearts to reign.



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