Romantic Traditions


Looking for love? Try these intriguing tricks!

by Ellen Wolynec

Whether it's the thoughtful bowl of bedside flowers blossoming in a crystal vase or a trousseau of crisp white linens topping the breakfast table, small pleasantries are the sweet dreams of romance. Here are a few tried and true touches.

Surprise the love of your life with a candlelit dinner--in the bedroom.

Create an inspiring bedside display of vintage photos. Frame an exquisite array of alluring Victorian ladies in antique-style silver frames. Choose only the most appealingly "healthy" photos.

Serve breakfast in bed. Break out the best goblets and silver service for a special wake-up call. Use a lace filled basket for a tempting assortment of pastries.

Be lavish. Arrange a dozen candles in the bathroom. Stay close by to serve cocktails, hand him a towel or just in case...       

Use fresh flowers with a Victorian flourish. Tuck a few lily of the valley into his bathrobe or pajama pocket.

Create an impromptu bed canopy. Fasten sheer panels to a few ceiling hooks and let the drapery puddle on the floor.

A change of light may be all it takes to set the mood. Cast a flattering glow with a lace-covered lamp.

Do a bit of furniture-moving. Bring a living room love seat into the boudoir. He'll notice!

Let music set the mood. Whether it's rock or Rachmaninoff, pick something which he finds exciting!

Buy a book of romantic poetry and leave it under his pillow.

Greet him wearing nothing but perfume.

You can have you cake and eat it, too! After the kids have had dinner and are in bed, serve dessert in your boudoir.

Ask him to brush your hair or rub scented lotion on your back.

Re-decorate the bedroom to please both of you. If he hates flowers, try a jungle print.

Instead of unwinding in front of the TV, challenge him to a game of cards.

Do something unexpected.


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