Dr Jekyl's Wedding Nt


Dr Jekyl's Wedding Night

After a obligatory, lengthy Victorian courtship and an exquisite Christian wedding, Dr. Henry Jekyll was aware of only one thought in his raven hared head: Is it bedtime yet? As he watched the last of the distinguished, albeit utterly unrecognizable, guests kiss Emma upon the cheek, he decided that it was not possible for any man in England to be more sexually frustrated than himself at this moment.

"For heavens sake, woman! Let them leave!" He moaned through his teeth, shifting his weight from foot to foot, watching as Emma politely bantered with each guest. He found his eyes staring at the pale skin on her graceful neck, the extent of her sinful revelations to him thus far, and began to sweat inside his topcoat, finguring the collar of his tuxedo with angst. Not that he wasn't appreciative of the incredible presence of his beaming wife in her wedding gown!

He found the strength to keep himself from shedding the coat, rationalizing his feelings in light of his Victorian upbringing. I shouldn't be thinking these racy thoughts, but if a man on his wedding day could not turn his thoughts to those of....procreation....then who? He let his eyes trail lazily over the lace of her skirt, the beading on the corset, the tightness of the fabric against he bust line-

"Henry, come and say goodbye!" Emma called, her musical voice bringing him out of his lustful thoughts. He snapped to attention, just barely catching a bead of drool with the back of his hand before it spilled from the corner of his mouth.

No, no, no! Can't we quicken the pace a bit? It's nearly nine o'clock! He felt his mouth open and without thinking, he shouted rather loudly,


The word was barely out of his mouth before Emma shot him a disapproving glare and he leaped to her side without hesitation, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. Where are my manners? Perhaps if I kiss the old hag and pat her decrepit husband on the back they will go! He did his best to be the doting young man Emma married, although he found it difficult to be gracious when he had no idea who these guest were. He vaguely remembered something about Emma's brief: "She is my great Aunt Clarisse and I simply had to invite her." from earlier at the reception, but throughout the dizzying evening he had met at least 14 aunt Clarisse's, and for the most part disliked them all. As he kissed her overly powdered cheek, it occurred to him that he had known possibly ten people in the entire reception party, himself and Emma included, and that his wedding was perhaps the chance Sir Danvers was searching for to reunite everyone he had ever come in contact with in one room.

"At last, they are all gone!" Henry exclaimed when the door finally swung shut. Emma collapsed into the nearest chair, beaming wildly.

"What a wonderful evening, Henry...absolutely perfect!" She exclaimed, but shot him a puzzled glance as he ripped his top coat from his shoulders, fighting with the bow that held his ebony locks back.

"Yes, yes...absolutely lovely!" He said, with as jovial a tone as he could muster. Perhaps I am giving away my eagerness, but if I hesitate a moment longer my trousers will explode. Emma was watching him with an air of amusement, still resting in the chair.

"Henry, what on earth are you doing? You can't possibly be that uncomfortable!" She said as he ripped the tie away from his neck. "Sit down with me for a moment, let's have tea and discuss the wedding." For a split second, Henry Jekyll's face mirrored exactly that of a deer staring down the barrel of a rifle.

"But...I...It's so late darling, we should go to bed! Yes bed!" He faked a yawn for emphasis, before striding to Emma's side and taking her hand, heaving her out of the chair and dragging her out of the room, down the hall to the stairwell.

"Henry! Goodness, have you lost you mind!" She cried, as he swept her into his arms and carried her up the stairs. I'm about to, Sweetheart... He barreled up the stairs, carrying her as though she weighed nothing, pausing at the top of the stares to catch his breath. "Henry, for heaven's sakes! It's no wonder you're so tired, the bed will still be there, silly, no need to rush." She looked at him then, his eyes so devilish, his face flushed with excitement, and frowned a little frown. "Henry, I was hoping we could look at the wonderful gifts..." she said softly, but he continued to drag her down the hallway.

"I've got a gift for you...it's in here!" He said, still talking overly loudly. And it's in my pants--oh my, Henry, that was really bad!

"A gift? What sort of gift?" She asked, and he tossed her upon the large bed they would share, slamming the door shut behind him, turning to her and grinning like a mad man. Perhaps now isn't the best time to discover that Emma's mother was never around to discuss the fundamentals of womanhood, Henry! "A...uh...gift of...love, YES! The gift of love!" He said, cursing under his breath as he fought with the buttons on his shirt and trousers...

"Henry, how sweet..." She said, a bit puzzled by his rapid shedding of clothes.

"Just lie back, and I will show you how much I love you, my sweet Emma." He whispered as he finally managed to remove his trousers, the cuffs getting caught on his boots. Well this is bloody fantastic! He thought to himself, finally having to sit on the floor in order to remove his shoes...

"Henry, I should imagine it is possible to give a gift without being completely in the nude!" Emma giggled, seeing his struggle.

"I'm afraid not, not this gift...I should imagine you'd like to be nude as well, Darling." He grunted, finally defeating his final boot and leaping to his feet, wearing only his privies. He started towards Emma, sitting next to her on the bed and placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Emma sighed with contentment, until he drove his tongue practically down her throat, moaning like a beast. She nearly choked, coughing and pushing him away...

"Henry! What on earth do you think you are doing!" She exclaimed, seeing the bewildered look of hurt on his face.

"Emma...I...I may not be as experienced as some, but I know for a fact that you were supposed to find that enjoyable." He said, genuinely confused.

"I was? Well, try again...perhaps it takes some getting used to." She said hesitantly, and he did so, wrapping his arms around her gently. She moaned a bit herself this time, a cute little sound-a bit like a lab rat-that Henry found incredibly adorable...stimulating as well. Way to go, Henry old chap! Wait...Perhaps she is only doing that to follow suit? Maybe she isn't enjoying it at all...Oh shut up, brain! Deciding that it was up to him to make the move, Henry gently slid his hands up the back of her dress, fingers fumbling for the collar buttons... "Henry, what are you doing?" Emma asked, coming up for air from his sudden investigation of the walls of her mouth.

"Come Emma, how can you enjoy yourself when you're shut into this contraption? Let me undress you, like a good husband should!" he said, kissing her again to avoid protest...his hands fought with the zippers, buttons, buckles and latches for almost a quarter of an hour. Sir Danvers you cunning old man...you let me marry your daughter, but still manage to keep me from getting under the blasted dress! Finally he managed to remove the shell of the dress, and a good portion of the top half, leaving her in her undershirt, hopping up and down on the floor in order to remover her shoes and the skirt. He stood over her, coaching her along, all thoughts of romance far from his mind at the sight of her confusion. Perhaps some scissors...a hacksaw... he began to ponder the many ways one could forcefully remove these articles of clothing when she fell to her knees in front of him with a huff.

"At last, Henry!" She mumbled, attempting to stand, glancing up at him the best she could from this angle. He reached out to help her stand when she recoiled away in fear. "Oh dear God, Henry! We shouldn't fool around like this!! Look at you, there's something wrong with you! You're all swollen!" He was taken aback for a moment by this comment, but then burst into laughter, reaching out to help her again.

"No, darling! Don't strain yourself..." She said, standing without his help taking him by the arm and sitting him on the bed..."You need to rest, Henry! What could we possibly have done to cause that..." I don't know, but perhaps you could kiss it and make it bet-OKAY! That's enough! He sighed with frustration, taking her by the arms.

"Trust me, Emma...I am a doctor…this is supposed to happen."

"What? Why? That seems like it should be awful painful, Henry."

"Oh Darling, it's not! It is a natural bodily function needed for me to show you how much I love you." He whined, tossing her down against the pillow. "Come now, are you truly telling me you don't understand the proceedings here?" She looked at him uncertainly...

"But what do you do with it?" She asked.

"Shut your mouth and let mw show you!" He shouted, practically screaming. With this he pounced on her, hating the dragged out events, pondering how the hell he would ever get Emma to consent to lovemaking at the rate they were going. Step 1. Kiss your ignorant wife, Step 2. Lie her back against the bed, Step 3. Gently place your hand -    SLAP!

"DON'T YOU DARE put your hand there!" She shouted, but he decided the only way to make her see the light would be to continue on undaunted...

"Emma...please, I am your husband, please, please, please trust me..." With that he leaned into her ear, and whispered in a few precise, if not slightly risque, sentences exactly what he had planned for the evening, in order of events. I'll even use small words, Emma, so you're sure to understand! Oooh, that was unnecessary...

She gasped, looking into his eyes, her face unbelieving... "You must be out of your mind! That is NEVER going to fit in THERE!"

"Trust me darling, please!" He said, completely exasperated.

"Well...I'm not sure..."

"Emma, think of the children!"

"What children?"

"OUR Children!"

"Oh! You didn't explain that!" She said, and he used all his willpower to not slap her on the side of the head. Please, God, give me strength...if I do not make love to this woman in the next thirty seconds, I am going to have to take my own life... "Well, just do as you said you would...but...I don't have to touch it, do I?"

"Emma! This is supposed to be an enjoyable process!" He shouted, stuffing a scarf from the bedside table in her mouth, ignoring the mumbling. After nearly a half an hour more of situating themselves and convincing Emma that this was a common occurrence amongst married couples, Henry Jekyll breathed a sigh of relief and leaned in to kiss his wife, pulling the covers up around them.

"Henry?" Emma piped up softly when he pulled away.

"Yes, Dear?" He said slowly through clenched teeth.

"I suppose there is no stork."

"What in God's name are you talking about, Emma."

"If what you said is true, and this is how a child is created...then my father was lying about the stork, was he not?"

Oh dear Lord, I would have preferred the extra rib at this point...


Sex--And Nothing More II: Afterglow Angst


The sound shook the house, and Poole-on his way up the stairs with a breakfast tray-jumped higher then he had since grade school. He had heard of bliss, but this seemed a trifle ridiculous! Of course it had been Miss Carew-er, Mrs. Jekyll who had just shouted, and the refined young woman he knew so well would never make such gratuitous noises during...copulation. Surely the doctor's wit was the cause for her squeal, as Henry was often the ever-charming fellow in her presence. Slowly, still a trifle shaken, he continued to climb the stairs.


Good God! Poole thought to himself. Has the doctor installed a carousel in his bed chamber? Soon after the racket stopped, and he began to make his way down the hallway towards their bedroom. All appeared silent, and despite the sudden peace Poole felt awkward interrupting the two love birds, despite the unlikelihood that he would be interrupting anything inappropriate. Surely Dr. Jekyll and his wife were merely basking in their post-marital bliss. He hoped to God, however, that Mrs. Jekyll was...sufficiently clothed. The Doctor, too...for that matter.


"Oh Henry please...PLEASE? One more round, lets give it a go!" Emma Jekyll pouted prettily from atop Henry Jekyll's stomach, where she was currently perched.

"Good Lord, Emma...the bed cannot take much more of this...why not lie down?" Apparently you haven't done much missionary work, eh, Emma?

"Ooooh, but I like it up here, the view is much better...Darling, you're simply toooooo cute!"

"Yes, but sweetheart, sunshine, love of my life...my...eh....Manhood..is exhausted."

"Awww, Henry..." She whined, lying down against his chest, resting her chin just below his. "It appeared to be quite...energetic earlier..."

"Princess...that was eight long hours ago...I think what I need most at this moment is sleep, dearest..." And at the moment, you clingy little thing, your precious manhood is being crushed at a very awkward angle...oh dear, that smarts... "My darling baby doll, my dumpling, oh...for an eloquent way to press this point..."

"What is it, Darling?"

"You're pressing my point...rather painfully...." He gave her a curt little smile to show he wasn't upset with her. God knows we wouldn't want you to cry, Emma...like when I shouted "Oh Lord" and you were upset you had interrupted my evening prayers...

"Oh no! Henry, I'm terribly sorry..." She mumbled, moving from his chest to the mattress beside him. Quick, Henry, take a breath before the sex-crazed little constrictor attacks again! Like clockwork, she decided to cuddle up against him and wrap her arms and legs around his entire body... "There we go, my stallion, all warm and cozy..."

"Emma...perhaps we should take this quiet time to define... Eh....one another's personal space..." Oh she is so tiring...








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