The Dining Room





The Dining Room
"the only place where men are not
 bored during the first hour"

"How sad it is to sit and pine,
The long half-hour before we dine!
Upon our watches oft to look,
Then wonder at the clock and cook

And strive to laugh in spite of Fate!
But laughter forced soon quits the room,
And leaves it in it's former gloom."

From Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management

Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone present their compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Smithers, and request the honor of their company to dinner on Wednesday, the 6th of December next.

211 Andover Street
November 13th, 1859                     R.S.V.P


  Mr. and Mrs. Smithers  present their compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone, and will do themselves the honor of accepting their kind invitation to dinner on the 6th of December next.

 60 Barnaby Street
             November 18th, 1859





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