The Emporium

 Welcome to the Emporium.  Here you will find links to beautiful places and things that Victoria would have loved.

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The Parlor
The Garden
The Ballroom
The Dining Room
The Kitchen
The Music Room
The Dressing Room
The Nursery
The Library
The Emporium
The Front Porch
The Study
The Privy
The Chapel
The Boudoir



Journey to Somewhere in Time~Victorian and Edwardian Hats and Titanic Hats designed by Darna for your Millinery Enchantment!


Thistledown Nightgowns and Sleepwear

Lagniappe Oaks Perfumery

The Victorian Trading Co.

Gentleman's Emporium

Diane's Fine Things

The Teapot Press

Gardener's Supply

Renovator's Supply

Cumberland General Store

Someplace in Time

Phoneco, Inc

Olde Wyndham Tea Company

Old House Gardens

Things Gone By


Human Interest

National Trust for Historic Preservation Home Page

National Register of Historic Places

Dave's Victorian House Site

The 1900 House (PBS)